Visitationist Church

The Sunday services mandatory for the young people of the Warsaw Lyceum were held at the Visitationist Church. It was here that Fryderyk played the organ on numerous occasions, and met Konstancja, his first love, who sang at mass. As often as not, Chopin’s accompaniment morphed into improvisation. The young composer frequently became lost in his own music, with the sexton asking him to stop playing. Thanks to the young Fryderyk, Sunday masses were an unforgettable experience – who wouldn’t want to attend?

The Visitationist Church (its full name is the Church of the Protection of Saint Joseph the Betrothed to the Immaculate Mary, Mother of God) was built in the 17th century for French nuns, with a number of modifications added in the 18th century. Having survived World War Two, the church still houses the majority of its original furnishings. Its façade, the style typical for the baroque period, and its boat-shaped pulpit remain the most interesting elements of the edifice.