The Res Sacra Miser Building

When the very young Fryderyk gave a performance at the Res Sacra Miser building, the audience sensed that they were witnessing true genius. Chopin was only thirteen when he played at a concert held at the home of the Warsaw Charitable Society. One of the newspapers reported that: “after the sixth musical evening, we will in all probability cease envying Vienna their Liszt; our capital has an equally talented musician – if not a better one.”

Res Sacra Miser has a long and colourful history. It housed the first Warsaw mint, a majestic and splendid palace, as well as a nunnery and church.

In Fryderyk’s times, the buildings were reconstructed and presented to the Warsaw Charitable Society – this was when the Latin inscription Res Sacra Miser meaning poverty is sacred was placed upon the façade.