Saxon Garden

The Saxon Garden is one of the few places on the map of Warsaw where you can forget that you are in the very heart of a dynamic European city. Walking the lanes, imagine young Fryderyk Chopin running around with his sister Ludwika two hundred years ago, playing and hiding from his mother’s watchful eye behind trees.

The family lived next to the park for a few years – it stands to reason that they would have probably spent all their free time there. Fryderyk may well have taken his first love Konstancja Gładkowska on romantic walks to this park.

Today, you can enjoy the unique atmosphere of the Saxon Garden, Poland’s oldest public garden. In the warm months, it is worth ending a daily walk at the park’s central point, Warsaw’s first city fountain. Note the sundial behind it. Unfortunately Chopin was not able to see these developments – they were added several years after his death.