Casimir Park

Kazimierzowski Park, formerly known as “the Botanics” (Botanika), is located on an escarpment flanking the back walls of the Kazimierzowski Palace (Pałac Kazimierzowski).

When the Chopins were staying at the palace, “the Botanics” was used as a garden where Warsaw Lyceum students could grow plants and watch seedlings develop. The keys to the fenced-in area were kept by lyceum staff, including Nicolas Chopin, Fryderyk’s father, making it – thanks to which the garden became a place where the young composer could play.

Later, “the Botanics” were converted into a recreation park, with Fryderyk Chopin witnessing the development. He wrote that, as a result, carrots had been replaced with flower-beds. When Fryderyk was enrolled at the Lyceum, the Kazimierzowski Park was where he met up with friends, went for strolls, and read books on one of the benches.