Holy Cross Church

In the early 19th century, the church was the largest Catholic place of worship in Warsaw. Since the Chopins were part of the local parish, many important moments in the family’s history tie in with the church. It was here that Fryderyk’s sisters, Izabella and Emilia, were baptised; here too the composer’s heart was interred.

The composer asked for his body to be returned to Poland upon his death. According to some sources, Chopin wished to be buried at the Powązki cemetery, today the resting place of his parents and friends as well as lovers and popularisers of his music. This was not possible for political reasons. The composer’s body was laid to rest in the Père Lachaise cemetery in Paris. His family’s efforts made it possible for Fryderyk’s heart to be returned to Poland and embedded in one of the church pillars.

The baroque-style Holy Cross Church is one of the most beautiful historical monuments in Warsaw.