Czapski (Krasiński) Palace

The Czapski/Krasiński Palace was a yet another place where the Chopins lived. This new apartment rented in the palace’s left-wing annex offered an escape from the memories of a family tragedy: in 1827, Fryderyk’s youngest sister Emilka died at fourteen years of age.

This apartment afforded the composer comfortable working conditions: he was given his first private room. Numerous artists, scholars, and young colleagues came to visit. It was here that the Czapski / Krasiński Palace was the last place of residence for Fryderyk before his departure on November 2nd 1830. We are reminded of the fact by a plaque placed on the frontal façade of the building. The inscription reads, “Fryderyk Chopin lived and composed in this building before leaving Warsaw forever in 1830”.

Today, the palace houses the Academy of Fine Arts.

Thanks to the Chopin in Warsaw mobile application you can go back in time to the Chopins’ virtual drawing room.