Where in today’s Warsaw would you take Chopin to? Here are some of your answers


Chopin i jego Europa


We asked the question above in the contest organised on the occasion of “Chopin and his Europe” Festival. The Festival confronts the heritage of Fryderyk Chopin with other European masters. This year’s motto was “From the Italian land to Poland – from Mozart to Bellini”. We were delighted with your ideas for a day with Chopin. We present some of your answers.

  • I would take Chopin to the Warsaw Uprising Museum in order to show him how much pride, love and strength was spent to protect his country by its suffering inhabitants.
  • If I could, I’d take Chopin across the length & breadth of his city, to hear his musical legacy reflected in her modern beauty; to see her vitality on Nowy Swiat as I heard it in the grandeur of his polonaises, to see her tragic past in the decrepit walls of old buildings as I heard it in the melancholic notes of his nocturnes, to see the glorious past come alive in Stare Miasto with the raging energy of his concertos, to waltz by the Vistula on a warm summer evening, to unwind to his pieces in the royal gardens on a sunny Sunday, and above all to see that his music was the enduring soundtrack of this city, centuries after he wrote it.
  • Our short trip would begin in Łazienki Królewskie (his favorite place), and then we will go by bike to Pole Mokotowskie and spend time here! Pole Moktowskie is a beautiful and green park in the heart of Mokotów. After chilling in the park we will go to Francuska street to eat the best ice-creams in Warsaw. Finally we will visit my parents to eat traditional polish food for a dinner – ‘pierogi ruskie’ of course.
  • I would take Fryderyk Chopin to Lazienki Krolewskie just in front of his statue in order to present how much his music is admired by people of Warsaw.
  • I would take Fryderyk Chopin to Łazienki Park to show him a new born peacock which is just charming.
  • I would take him to the tomb of the unknown soldier, because this is where the Saxon Palace was erected. The palace housed the Warsaw Lyceum in which Frédéric Chopin’s father taught French, living with his family on the palace grounds.
    There is where Chopin learned and practices piano before moving to France: I am sure he would love to visit that place 😉
  • I think I would take Mr Chopin to the usual Chopin concert in Lazienki on Sunday. It might be not really original, but I would simply ask him to replace the usual player of piano. As simple as that, I would then enjoy the music. Then, if he wants to come over for lunch, I can bring him to the music school close to my apartment where the little Varsovians are learning music. It could be great to share a moment with the kids, taking into account the time spent by Chopin to study music, I think it would be a good idea to start with, not to frighten him too much with our time.
  • I would take to him to the top of the Palace of culture. From there you could see the whole city center and you could see how Warsaw has changed in the last years. you also could see the two different faces of Warsaw: The buildings from the communism and the buildings from
    the capitalist time. In my opinion this mix tells you a lot about the history of Warsaw and Poland. Furthermore, it also a a really special flare which you could find only in Warsaw. I’m sure that this view of the changing Warsaw would be really impressing and really inspiring for Chopin.
  • I want to show Fryderyk Chopin the AIRPORT of his name in Warsaw. He would be surprised to see such a “building”, where people get into “mechanical birds”and fly, eg. to Paris in less than 2 hours. Perhaps it would be hard for him to understand how it all works.
  • If I could take Chopin somewhere in Warsaw, this probably would be the Vistula Boulevards. Why? Because it is a beautiful place, we could sit on one of the benches and talk quietly and enjoy the beautiful scenery. I believe that such views could inspire Fryderyk Chopin to compose a beautiful song.
  • I would invite Chopin to the Royal Łazienki Garden, a place that for over 200 years co-creates the history of Warsaw, a place that is full of art, not just constant, like architecture, sculpture or painting, but also elusive, like music. All this surrounded by outstanding natural beauty.
    I’d take him for a walk in the park, numerous museum exhibitions, reviving the music of W. A. Mozart (whose theme aria La ci darem la mano inspired the young Fryderyk to compose variations, Op. 2) and other composers of the Royal Theatre in the Old Orangery and amphitheater on the Island.
    I’d take Chopin to the musical Zone of Silence, an event at which he would probably want to improvise and talk with the artists. Finally, I would show him the crowds of people of all ages gathering since 1959 on summer Sundays by the monument showing him striving to hear the sound of the Polish willow. They come to listen to his immortal music, performed by successive generations of young people, not only Polish musicians. I would show Chopin the relaxing and reflective Łazienki, in which nature and art complement each other. Łazienki which would inspire him to write a new composition.

Thank you all for your great ideas! Enjoy Chopin’s Warsaw and share with us your thoughts and feelings at Facebook, Twitter and Instagram!

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