Chopin’s Birthday Concerts

Doubt over exactly when Chopin was born means that we can celebrate the birthday of the great composer for 8 days in normal years, and this year – for as many as 9 days.
The discrepancy over Chopin’s birth has given rise to one of the most interesting independent festivals in Warsaw, which includes not only concerts with classical and jazz music but also dances as well as fashion and cooking events. The concert will feature: Lidia Grychtołówna, Marek Bracha, Karolina Nadolska, Włodek Pawlik, Maria Marquez Torres and Jarosław Boberek and Herman Pellbäck. And also candidates for this year’s Chopin Competition: Adam Mikołaj Goździewski, Anna Hajduk-Rynkowicz, Toshiki Ishii and Dominik Stępiński. A Chopin after-party will take place after the concerts every day at 20:30.
Free admission to all events.